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Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt #1 Brings a Major Blood Sucking Twist


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If you’ve been following Marvel’s newest crossover Blood Hunt, you’ll know that the world is engulfed in night, which has compelled those pesky vampires to take over and spread like wildfire.

In Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt #1 of 3, we get an unlikely start to this action-packed issue – Spider-Man teaming up with the Lizard?!?!

Yep, in times like these it’s all about “Strange Bedfellows,” as Misty Knight puts it.

Misty tells Spidey that they must save Morbius, who was working on a cure for all those poor souls that have been turned amid the chaos.

Holy Water and Clues

After getting into a secret facility ran by the Beyond Corp, the trio find clues that Morbius is somewhere uptown in New York City, 

Before setting foot or swinging into north Manhattan, they pay a visit to Father Matthias so he can bless their weapons against these unGodly creatures.

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While they are visiting Matthias, you see what happens to a vampire if it enters Holy ground, it’s burned alive!

Sounds about right.

Credit – Marvel

Something’s Amiss

After having his web shooters blessed, Spidey believes something is off, so he goes to investigate.

He finds a profile on Maxine Danger of Beyond Corp, who has previously worked for Rand and Roxxon Corporations.

He trusts Misty, but his sense is starting to tingle if you know what I mean.

Something is up and Spidey will certainly get to the bottom of it.

Part 2

Like I said, this is a jam-packed issue and we even get a Part 2.

We see Morbius and Colleen tied up in the back of a truck, haven been taken hostage.

The duo are able to escape, but go looking to find whoever is in charge.

And we do get to meet this mysterious vampire, dressed in all Red, of course!

It’s TJ from the Hallow’s Eve arc and he explains to Morbius how insignificant he was before being turned.

But he did work for the Beyond Corp, a company that is starting to look pretty dan nefarious.

The twist is he actually wants Morbius to fish his cure!

Final Thoughts – 8/10

We have a long way to go in Blood Hunt, but this is a solid start.

There are over a dozen books coming in the run and I’m pumped to see how it all plays out!

Michael Rothman
Michael Rothman
Better known as “SuperheroTok” on TikTok, Michael is an Emmy Award winning entertainment reporter spending over a decade at ABC & Good Morning America, hosting shows like Inside Marvel! Michael brings his unique vision and passion to TikTok, where he also hosts “Shortboxed Presents,” a series focused on everything fans need to know about buying and selling comics in the grading age. He’s also a proud husband, and father to a little golden retriever.

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