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I Am Iron Man #1 – A Love Letter to Iron Man Through the Years!


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Happy 60th Anniversary Iron Man!


I Am Iron Man is the story of Tony Stark and what makes him the Golden Avenger known as Iron Man! This limited series promises to be a love letter to Shell Head and based on the first issue, it’s going to be a treat for long time fans!

Written by Murewa Ayodele with art by Dotun Akande, I Am Iron Man #1 takes the reader on a rapid fire trip through the years of Iron Man’s heroic career. The story is broken into three stories, The Past, The Present, and The Future, as Tony is attacked and defeated over and over again by a time traveling foe. The story culminates with a reminder that Tony Stark is the hero, not the suit but the man and mind beneath it.

I Am Iron Man #1


Ayodele’s writing is brilliant and takes no time to lay out exactly what the reader can expect from this issue while not giving away everything about the story before it unfolds. This issue jumps from one time period to the next at breakneck speed and never lets up. To say this was a quick read would be an understatement, but that only left me desperate to see what this team has in store going forward!


As with the writing, the artwork is a incredible. Akande’s sense of movement and framing is impressive and the visual language of each time setting is spot on. At no point was I confused about the setting of the panel I was reading. This was achieved, not only, by Iron Man’s armor but with bystanders clothing and physical appearance. Speaking of armors, seeing so many classic suits in one issue was, as a life long Iron Man fan, a delight!

Final Thoughts:

The nostalgia alone is worth the cover price if you are a fan of the character of Tony Stark. While the villain of this issue was a little lack luster, I was intrigued and would be very happy to get more of her in the future. My one true concern is that new readers may be confused with this story. This issue leans so heavily on the idea that you know who and where this character is and has been that it may be too high of a barrier for entry.

Overall, this book was tailormade for a fan like me! I loved each panel, every suit of armor, and the beautifully heroic ending and I will gladly go along for the ride that this team is taking me on!

Have you read I Am Iron Man #1? What did you think and will you continue to pick up this limited series? Let me know your thoughts and come back here to see my review of each issue!

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