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Top 25 Anime Openings to Let Out Your Inner Otaku


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Like any western show, the opening theme song sticks with its audience for the majority if not the entirety of the show. Similarly with its many alternating intro themes, anime captures the essence of the story and its characters. If we’re only dealing with a season, we only get the one theme, or maybe two if we’re lucky. For longer anime, we could get a dozen or so, each reflecting character arcs as they introduce new characters in the shadows of the opener. Each opening gives us something to look forward to, to dance to, or sing along with.

That’s why we pulled together some of the biggest anime nerds here at Nerd Initiative to give you our list of top 25 anime openings. Whether you’re new to anime or need some suggestions on what to put on your growing anime playlist, this is the list for you!

25. Rise by MADKID – The Rising of the Shield Hero

An energetic opener to a widely popular isekai anime, Rise by MADKID is one to get you in the mood to fight enemies, no matter the cost. With lyrics that match the main character, Naofumi’s goals, it makes sense why this opening song is an absolute hit!

24. Ai No Supreme by Thai McGrath – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S

Popular at every anime convention this year, Ai No Supreme by Thai McGrath makes the cut with its cute animations and upbeat feel. Whether you’ve heard it or not, it’ll make you want to dance along with all the other dragons!

23. Touch Off by UVERworld – The Promised Neverland

Imagine a song where the opening line is, “Will we ever know of freedom?” and that’s the opener for an anime about young children. Touch Off by UVERworld manages to use JRock as a way to show us the danger that surrounds our main child leads. With no trouble at all, it becomes an anthem for a world of revolution. 

22. Asterisk By Orange Range – Bleach

Get ready to be pumped up and in the mood! For what, you ask? Well, that would be to take on a job you didn’t want but was thrust upon you anyway, and that job is to purify all the corrupted spirits in the world. It might sound like a scary task but don’t worry because Asterisk by Orange Range will be playing in the background to help!

21. Bomb A Head by m.c.A.T – Tenjho Tenge

Schools in anime are known to place their focus on one thing and one thing only, whether it’s extracurriculars, gambling, or tabletop gaming. Bomb A Head by m.c.A.T says it all: This high school is all about combat and learning various fight styles, both physical and supernatural. Get ready to dance around in combat to this upbeat song!

20. Zankyou Zanka by Aimer – Demon Slayer

One of the biggest anime of the last three years, Demon Slayer knows how to keep its audience engaged. And with its second season, we’re introduced to the flashy world of the Entertainment District as well as a whole new opening, Zankyou Zanka by Aimer. It’ll get you celebrating and drinking, but be careful as it’s rumored that dangerous demons are always lurking.

19. 19sai by Shikao Suga – xxxHolic

A somewhat slow acoustic opening to a dark fantasy anime, 19sai by Shikao Suga captures the supernatural vibes of the early to mid-2000’s. It’s like if Charmed or Supernatural became an anime and this was the opener, we wouldn’t know the difference! But it sure sets the tone for the remainder for xxxHolic.

18. My Soul, Your Beats! by Lia – Angel Beats

My Soul, Your Beats, a piano-based opening song for Angel Beats, serves as an epitome of 2010’s anime. From the style to the lyrics, it matches the…beat of this fantasy anime as we dive into the world of the afterlife where high school, unfortunately, still exists. 

17. Again by Yui – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Again by Yui starts off on the softer side until it ramps up to a sweeping chorus. With lyrics that sum up the journey on which Edward and Alphonse embark, it feels melancholic just listening to it with each episode. The vocals that Yui carries packs emotion into the song making it memorable for such an iconic anime. 

16. Flyers by BRADIO – Death Parade

For a psychological thriller like Death Parade, you wouldn’t expect to have such a catchy opener like Flyers by BRADIO. But anime fans know that even the darkest of anime are known to have opening tracks that are flashy and upbeat so Death Parade is no exception. Even with your soul on the line, it’s hard not to feel inspired to start flying and face your obstacles head-on. 

15. CRAZY NOISY BIZARRE TOWN by The Du – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has soared in popularity over the years with catchy opening themes. CRAZY NOISY BIZARRE TOWN is one of those electric openers that fits the overall feel of the fourth arc of the JoJo series. While other openers are popular and more recognizable, be sure to not overlook this one as it also contains a lot of the spirit of JoJo!

14. Tank by Seatbelts – Cowboy Bebop

Okay, 3, 2, 1…let’s jam! With its high-paced jazz beats, Tank by Seatbelts is sure to get anyone prepared for this space cowboy anime. With the heavy use of brass and percussion, listening to it on your own just feels like you’re on a mission. 

13. 99 by Mob Choir – Mob Psycho 100

We can’t overlook this chaotic opener! 99 is an absolute blast to listen to and sets the stage for Mob Psycho 100 as a whole. The countdown to 100 makes for a quick-paced song and I wouldn’t be surprised if you used it in a workout. It’s just that good!

12. Everlasting Shine by TOMORROW X TOGETHER – Black Clover

Everlasting Shine is the perfect song to open up a new arc with Black Clover as it follows a time skip featuring Asta who is stronger than ever. With its uplifting and inspirational vibe, this opening has to be on your anime playlist!

11. Shinzo wo Sasageyo! by Linked Horizon – Attack on Titan

Everyone knows Attack on Titan but there’s one opening from this anime that took the anime community by storm. Given the anime’s tone, Shinzo wo Sasageyo! matches it exactly and is the proper anthem to portray those we believe to be on the right side of the fight. The more you listen, the more eerie it becomes as you progress through the anime. 

10. Chain by Back-On – Air Gear

Before there was Sk8 the Infinity, there was Air Gear with its mid-2000’s pop punk opening song, Chain by Back-On. Nothing says skate music like this opener and just listening to it can take older anime fans back to days of Simple Plan and Yellowcard. 

9. Core Pride by UVERworld – Blue Exorcist

UVERworld is known for their hit anime openers and Core Pride is amongst them in this anime about exorcists and higher beings. This opening serves as the perfect anthem for the journey of our main character as it amps us up for yet another adventurous episode. 

8. Kaikai Kitan by Eve – Jujutsu Kaisen

This supernatural anime broke out 2 years ago with an opening that’s proven to be aesthetically pleasing to the ears. Kaikai Kitan paints an emotional image while keeping us excited each episode with its catchy and fiery chorus line. If you’ve never seen Jujutsu Kaisen, this opener will convince you to check it out!

7. Inferno by Mrs. Green Apple – Fire Force

Fire Force is explosive but so is its ever-so-catchy opening, Inferno by Mrs. Green Apple. Its head banging chorus and quick beats is perfect for a mini-dance part. But it will also throw you in the dangerous fires of the anime and keep you hooked!

6. Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari – Naruto Shippuden

No list is complete without this beautiful opener! Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari further showcases Naruto’s relationship with Sasuke as a large part of Naruto’s journey revolves around him. It’s beautifully composed and conveys the emotions felt between all the main characters. I wouldn’t blame you if you put this one on repeat.

5. Unravel by TK – Tokyo Ghoul

An emotionally wrecking opening for an equally emotionally wrecking anime! Unravel by TK speaks to the tone of what Tokyo Ghoul is about and feels cathartic in a sense. Not only are we seeing the obstacles facing Ken Kaneki but also that of those around him. Its raw emotion tells you most everything about the anime and leaves the rest for you to see for yourself. 

4. Go! by Flow – Naruto

A classic opening from the earlier seasons of Naruto, Go! by Flow remains as iconic as ever. With all the main characters of Naruto’s generation now coming together as a team, Go! helps put an emphasis on that through the opening. Sure, what’s actually going on in the anime is heartbreaking but we’ll be fine with an upbeat opener, right?

3. Silhouette by Kana-Boom – Naruto Shippuden

Any fan of Naruto knows that Kana-Boom’s Silhouette is not just a banger but is also one of the best openings from Shippuden. It’s so iconic that it makes you want to take on the enemy and show the world what your ninja way is all about. The passing images of Naruto growing up to become the person he is this opening will get you emotional!

2. Polaris by Blue Encount – My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has had its fair share of popular openings but one that’ll get your heart pumping is Blue Encount’s Polaris. Introducing new characters in the backdrop, it preps you for the danger and perseverance reflected throughout the fourth season. Plus, that final shot paired with the final line, “Go!” just feels right!

1. Gurenge by LiSA – Demon Slayer

After Demon Slayer conquered the hearts of so many anime lovers, its first ever opening song managed to do the same. With its rock star beginning, Gurenge by LiSA rose to the top, and remains as popular and iconic as ever, even 3 years later. The moment you hear this song, you won’t be able to resist singing along and rocking out!

Be sure to stick around and keep an out for Anime Onlies, coming soon only on Nerd Initiative!

Known on other platforms as Samosas and Popcorn, Pooja is a movie enthusiast topped with sprinkles of her love for TV. She can typically be found watching anything from the latest blockbuster movie to a feel good anime, and is always ready to start the discussion on movies and TV so you don't have to.

Pooja Chand
Pooja Chand
Known on other platforms as Samosas and Popcorn, Pooja is a movie enthusiast topped with sprinkles of her love for TV. She can typically be found watching anything from the latest blockbuster movie to a feel good anime, and is always ready to start the discussion on movies and TV so you don't have to.

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