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‘Ms. Marvel’: Podcast Examines What Worked and Importance of Representation


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With the finale of Ms. Marvel streaming now on Disney+, The Daily Kazoo interviewed two amazing content creators – Amira from The_AmiraReview, and Maria from CallmethisnameMaria for their latest podcast.

The discussion is powerful and thought-provoking, as they discuss what they enjoyed, what didn’t work well, and how important it is for the MCU to show representation of Muslims and South Asian culture.

MORE: Amira’s Inspiring Journey as a Creator, MCU fan and Representation Activist

Listen to the full podcast below!


A medical student studying for the USA medical license exam who also loved talking about modern western media a little too much and is now a content creator on the very subject.
My love of modern media is centered around tv shows and series-fueling my escapism by allowing endless about of deep diving theory work, and over analyses-often tied into the psychology of the characters. This habit carried into films/movies and my favorite topic fandom universes. But no matter the medium the theme of positive representation especially Muslim, and South Asian is my priority speaking point.
The best way to see it all is through TikTok under the name Callmebythisnamemaria and have been working alongside a new app called Reelay.

Better known as “MrsSuperheroTok” on TikTok, Erica is a huge MARVEL fan and considers herself a content consumer, rather than a content creator like her husband, SuperheroTok! Erica’s superhero obsession started at age 5 and her parents reluctantly let her go to school dressed as Superman every day for a whole year.

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