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Anime Fans are Heartbroken by the Real Reason Shoji Wears a Mask


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Many Anime fans have wondered what the mask represents for Shoji … Yasin from Yaseenthatguy uncovered the real reason, and it makes all of us feel for him and his struggle.

MORE FROM YASIN: Representation Matters: A Conversation about Ms. Marvel

Follow along on our Anime page, as Yasin and other creators uncover more on your favorite characters.

And watch the video below for the full, heartbreaking explanation!

Better known as “Yaseenthatguy”, Yasin experienced exponentially fast growth when he started on Tiktok, as his followers immediately related to and found comfort in the 26 year old. As an advocate for mental health, something he shares openly with his audience, the mission became clear – to share his infectious energy, smile, and love for anime and all fandoms while creating a safe space for fans to express their excitement and love as well. With his 200k+ followers part of this journey, Yasin will now be heading up Anime Onlies, the new Anime section on the Nerd Initiative Network.

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