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‘Marcel The Shell With Shoes On’ – Inspiring New A24 Film Shows Heroes Come in all Shapes, Sizes  


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Meet Marcel, he’s a shell with shoes on. He’s got a small view of a very big world and you can catch Marcel The Shell With Shoes On later this month as his debut film opens June 24 in select theaters. 

Marcel first debuted back in 2010 as a YouTube short created by Jenny Slate (Parks and Rec, Zootopia) and her Husband Dean Fleischer Camp (Fraud). The short is a series of moments where Marcel the Shell tells the cameraman a series of quips about life with such small stature. Marcel is a one-inch shell with shoes that sees life just a bit different than you or I. 

And while many of Marcel’s moments are made to make you laugh, they also make you think and see things differently.

Marcel the Shell – Theatrical Release by A24

Marcel was also turned into a series of books by Slate and Camp, that made the New York Times-Bestseller list. The books are an adaptation of the short film and some continued stories about life lessons in a small world. So far there are two books in the series, but the future could bring more titles, especially with his first big-screen appearance looming. 

Marcel the Shell
Courtesy of A24

Marcel the movie will see Marcel living with his Grandma Connie. The pair happen to be the only shells in their village after the rest of the shells left without any explanation. A spark of luck and a little fame may just propel this little shell on a wild adventure. 

Jenny Slate returns as the voice of Marcel with Camp also returning to direct and play Dean. We also get the great Isabella Rossellini as Grandma Connie. Legendary 60 Minutes Anchor Leslie Stahl is also in the film, showing Marcel’s world getting pretty big. 

This movie looks like it will be endearing, funny, and will even show us what might be most important in life. The screen may be bigger, but this little shell is still learning what it means to be tiny in such a vast world. I am so excited and can’t wait to see it. 

Marcel the Shell
Courtesy of A24

Check out the Short for Marcel the Shell with Shoes on and the Preview for the new A24 film below. 

The Original Marcel the Shell With Shoes On short film.
Marcel the Shell With Shoes On A24 Film Preview
Eric "Mr SniDBitS" Sanders
Eric "Mr SniDBitS" Sandershttps://linktr.ee/MrSniDBitS
Mr SniDBitS is a long time movie buff and pop culture fanatic. They are also the Host of the Reel Study Podcast, and a regular Tiktok content creator.

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