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Pooja’s Rapid Rewatch – ‘Easy A’


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Our resident Movie junkie Pooja is rewatching older movies to see if they still stand up and if you should be rewatching them too!

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First up – Easy A!

Hard to believe this movie is almost 13 years old, but the classic Emma Stone comedy has heart, laughs and so much more!


I rewatched a couple movies over the weekend so…be on the lookout for more of these! #easya #emmastone #movies #film #romcom #comedy

♬ original sound – Pooja 🎄🥟🍿
Pooja Chand
Pooja Chand
Known on other platforms as Samosas and Popcorn, Pooja is a movie enthusiast topped with sprinkles of her love for TV. She can typically be found watching anything from the latest blockbuster movie to a feel good anime, and is always ready to start the discussion on movies and TV so you don't have to.

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