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Free Comic Book Day: What to look out for this year


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Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), a momentous day of the year for those with an interest or love for the comic book art form. A perfect opportunity to entice new fans and old. As Stan Lee once said “Every comic book is someone’s first” and many of the companies who participate in FCBD understand that assignment and have kept that idea in mind when publishing many of these books. While each book is approachable for almost any audience, here is a list to help narrow down the choices incase the covers and titles alone are not enticing enough.

Blue Banners Identify Teen Audience Levels

Teen Audience:  

Dark Crisis

Writer: J. Williamson

Artist: J. Cheung

 In the DC universe the Justice League consists of some of the greatest heroes imaginable. From gods/goddesses like Superman and Wonder Woman to mere mortals like Green Arrow and Batman, they all possess something in common. The desire to do good and to protect others from harm. So what happens to the universe after these pillars of truth and justice are atomized out of existence from a pariah gone? Which heroes will rise to form a new Justice League? How will heroes grieve from loved ones gone? And what evil will take advantage of this opportunity? Pick-up this Dark Crisis #0 to find out.

Marvel’s Voices #1

Writer: J. Ridley, J. Veregge, A. Wong, E. Narcisse, N. Shammas, L.Vecchio and L. Romero

Artist: W. Portacio, O. Coipel and J. Lindsay

 The Voices line of comics has been a success and is appreciated by many in marginalized communities. Usually taking an entire oversized issue to highlight those from a variety of backgrounds, featuring different writers/artists from those backgrounds to help bring these stories authenticity. What makes Voices line of comics amazing is that it helps amplify those who are often not heard enough, undermined, or overlooked. This FCBD you can pick-up a piece of other’s culture, learn about characters who some may not be familiar with, and most importantly, possibly experience something beyond one’s norm.

Avengers/X-Men/Eternals: Judgement Day #1

Writer: K. Gillen, G. Duggan and D. Lore

Artist: D. Weaver, M. Lolli and K. Darboe

What happens when the Eternal’s prime directive to eliminate Deviants sees a change in programming to now include Mutants? Well, the Avengers are going to have to play peacekeepers between the two notable groups in this beginning to this next big Marvel Universe event. – On top of the story between the Avengers, X-Men and Eternals. There is a back-up for the debut of a BRAND-NEW Marvel character named Bloodline. She is the daughter of the Day Walker himself, Blade. Be sure to get a glimpse of what her upcoming series has to offer from writer Danny Lore

Spider-Man/Venom #1

Writer: Z. Wells, A. Ewing, R. V and D. Lany

Artist: J. Romita Jr. and S. Raffaele

Curious to see what the newest Amazing Spider-Man run from writer Zeb Wells has to offer you as a Spidey fan? Be sure to pick this comic up to see what an enticing future lies ahead for the web-slinger involving the infamous crime boss Tombstone. – After his mind bending and thought-provoking work on the Immortal Hulk series see what groundbreaking future writer Al Ewing has in store for the symbiotic space goo that is Venom. Must be hard to imagine considering all the recent events that Venom has experienced, but Al Ewing has been proven to pull some magic so why would it be any different with a character like Venom?

25 Years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Special #1

Writer: J. Bellaire and J. Lambert

Artist: D. Mora and M. Ignazzi

Celebrate 25 years of the phenomenal character that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer from writer Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert. If you have been missing stories involving Buffy since 2003 then now is the perfect opportunity to explore more of her story in another format for FREE! For years there have been comics involving the Buffy universe, so why not give a free comic involving the title character a try? Who knows what it might unlock in your mind? Maybe it will get hankering for more of the universe.


Writer: R. Kirkman

Artist: T. Walden

Miss the days of the Walking Dead games from Telltale? Here is the opportunity to experience more of the amazing story following Clementine a few years after the game finished from the creator of the Walking Dead universe Robert Kirkman taking the helm as the writer of this FCBD comic.

Stranger Things

Writer: M. Moreci

Artist: P. Hogan

If you are excited for the return of Stranger Things later this month, then be sure to grab yourself a copy of this comic to see what adventures Eleven, Will and Jonathan got themselves into after the events of season 3. What a better way to prepare yourselves before the season 4 premiere than with a free comic book?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Writer: T. Waltz

Artist: S. Campbell

Missing some Turtle Power? Take this opportunity to see how the four brothers handle a New York taken over by mutants under the control of the Rat King.

Green Banners identify Appropriate for All Ages

Younger Audience

 Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

Writer/Artist: M. McClaren

Enjoy all new original stories that continue the stories of Aang and Korra in this FCBD special!

Doctor Who

Writer: J. Houser,

Artist: R. Ingranata

The lead-up to an upcoming Doctor Who event that follows the Doctor of past, present and futures. Focusing on the Fugitive Doctor first seen in the Jodie Whitaker era of Doctor Who.

Red Banners Identify Mature Audience Levels

Mature Audience

Kult Cable ft. Jack Black

Writer: K. Roditeli

Artist: N. Brondo and V. Santos

You read that title right. A comic book that features Jack Black. What is it about? Honestly… it is hard to explain, just know that it’s funny, entertaining page to page and is satirical. Just pick it up if you can.

Hopefully these brief summaries of some books are helpful in making your choices for FCBD easier. Be sure to only take one copy of each book per person and to give other readers an opportunity to relish in this amazing day to possibly learn about new characters or to get into new stories that they may not have had the opportunity to try before.

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